Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween project

A Jigsaw puzzle artwork


Halloween Theme
Four artists:I (Elena) take the owl;

witch, cat, pumpkin available.

You can design your puzzle piece as you like but must have one of the three halloween symbols in it, whether you choose the cat, witch, etc
Templates will be on white and you will receive the one you choose.
Please add your name in the comments and follow this blog.
Thank you.

Here is the layout of the jigsaw puzzle.

and the individual pieces

Once you confirmed which piece you will paint you can download the file, print on white paper, paint it and send it back to me as a scan or sharp photo
file.You may choose your colors and style but make sure to have the symbol assigned to the respective piece, cat, witch, etc.

NOTE:Please paint your piece following the direction it will be positioned in the puzzle.

Once you pick your piece and confirm with me you can start painting right away.We have one week for this project.
Thank you.

artists working on this project
Barbara #1
Rodica #2
Elena # 3

available: #4 pumpkin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tulip project

This a demo of how it works.
The tulip is outlined here.

Then sliced in two segments.The segments are distributed to artists for painting on a white background.One will have to paint the leaves the other the petals.Any colors and design they choose for a leaves and tulip that can be rendered from realism to impressionism, digital art, etc.
Media: colored pencils, oil, watercolor, markers pens, pastels, acrylics, mixed media.Tablet or other digital program OK. Digital enhancement of hand painted piece accepted.The participants may choose their colors and style but they don't communicate or agree how to paint a piece. One artist can do realistic leaves of a tulip while the other can submit a digital flower. The beauty is the surprise of the whole.An impressionist flower or fauvist can be accompanied by surrealist leaves with a fairy sleeping between two leaves.Just an example I am thinking of. Be as creative as you always have dreamed of.

Once the artists decided on which piece they choose they copy the piece and print it on a lettersize page or full page (8.5x11in) .They can transfer their template to  the paper of their choice. Once painting is done they scan/take a sharp photo with a white background.The file is sent to my email:
I will do the assembly and post the finished work in this blog.Artists can link to this post or copy the file to post it on their blog.Send me also an email with your blog and email address if you choose to collaborate.
Now I need a volunteer to choose one of the two segments.Please add your choice in the comment form of this post.
NOTE:We can always have more than one tulip.Also this tulip is one of 6 tulips and sunflower in a flower mandala which we can develop as an independent project later.

Artists working on this project:

Nancie Johnson - working on it...
Rodica Voicu - piece received

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome all artists

This blog welcomes art lovers who paint in any traditional medium or with a tablet or other digital program or just enhance digitally their hand painted piece.
How it works.
When a project is suggested I list the number of participants and add a list for you to reserve a spot. Then separate the whole into equal segments and email a segment to each artist to paint on a white background.The artists receive instructions but they do not see other pieces of the finished product until the project is completed.
The painted piece is sent to me  in an email message and I take care of assembling the pieces of the project.
The final work will be dispalyed on this blog and also on your blog but you cannot sell  a whole artwok.This is collaboration work.
The team work is for creating beauty in a spirit of collaboration and harmony rather than for commercial purposes.
Each project comes with instructions and each participant will have the time he/she needs to complete his/her piece. No deadlines. This is pure fun.