Saturday, February 12, 2011

it's time for a mandala, girls!

here is our geometric mandala with 5 sections.
You may pick the section below

the way we do this is pick a color:, 2.light yellow, 3. green, 4. violet,

in the order you sign up you choose your color then download the section(they are the same) and paint it in all hues of that color, from light to strong.You may choose to use also white in your section.

Have fun.

Need 5 artists for this project.

Clara - green
Elena - yellow
Chelsea - violet
Margaret - orange
Rodica - pink

thank you!


  1. Yes please!!
    Can I have green please.

    is there any order, like light colours in the middle and darker to the ends?

  2. OK. No order, you just play with tones and hues as you wish, dear!

  3. Chelsea Bednar - She is sitting next to me and she wants violet. I am printing it out right now. :)

  4. And you know what. I will take orange! :) Thank you.

  5. Chelsea's is done and mine will be done tomorrow. Will email it Friday. Sorry it took so long. We have been busy with school resume, applications and auditions, etc..

  6. Gasp. Chelsea's has been done and I have one section to go. My son was home form college and we packed a lot of fun in. Sorry, I will finish and e-mail tomorrow-Sunday the 20th.