About AS 21

Art Sharing 21 wants to be an online place where fine art and digital art lovers meet to work together on a project.
This project is usually one piece of art that incorporates the work of several artists. It starts with a design, like a pattern of a mandala, flower, leaf, puzzle, etc, and this patetrn sliced into segments is distributed among artists to paint. Then the painted pieces are assembled and a whole is created as a stand alone piece of art. This new piece of art can be displayed on each participant artist blog or website yet not intended for commercial purposes.
Since this projects are online projects the finished product is never a physical art piece but rather digital.
Physically assembling the pieces for display in art galleries, homes, collections is not the purpose of this blog owner.The only truly altruistic goal of such projects is to assemble physically the pieces of a whole and give the finished works to museums, galleries or raise money for charities and support of peace causes.At the moment this is not feasable here.